Sunday, August 16, 2009

permanent chastity slave for Forced Womanhood

slave is seeking a Mistress that believes male slaves should be kept in permanent chastity and be transformed into a She-male bitch slave, through Forced Womanhood. once slave is taken, there will be no way out of its Mistress's enslavement. slave is sexually straight but knows that being a Mistress's slave, Mistress will decide what Her slaves sexual preferences will be and what its limits will be. Mistress will also decide if Her bitch will have a safeword. Mistress will also decide on how often Her bitch will be given hormones and how large Her bitch's implants will be. Mistress will also decide what kind of frenum tube will be used on Her bitch and how it will exist in Her world.


  1. Being a chastity slave is a tough situation. For me i would rather be mistress than a slave.
    But i guess you have chosen that situation just to spice up your sex life, Aren't you?

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  3. I would relish the idea of permanent chastity, whether or not my Mistress turned me into a sissy. I wear a belt now, but it's removable, I seek a device that would never come off and never allow me to touch or masterbate again.

    Slave billie (you can email my mistress at mstrsslouisa@